Monthly Archives: February 2021

Pre-Season Air Conditioning Start-Up Hints and Tips

Summer is rapidly approaching. With it comes warmer temperatures and an increased amount of use for your home’s air conditioning system. Before you start it up this summer, you should run through the following pre-season air conditioning start-up hints and tips to make sure it works to the fullest of its abilities. Remember: nobody likes… Read more »

Why People Remodel Their Bathrooms

Why do people remodel their bathrooms? Sure – for all kinds of reasons, including the simple desire for a change of scenery. For example, maybe you visited Paris last year and, as beautiful as it was, this year you’re planning to take in the splendor of Rome and Florence, Italy. Sure, you won’t suffer a… Read more »

The Benefits of Boiler Maintenance

Most people think of their home heating system as a furnace when the truth dictates otherwise. Here’s the difference between a furnace and a boiler: It’s a furnace (or “forced air heating system”) if heat is supplied by air ducts. It’s a boiler (or “hydronic heating system”) if heat is supplied by radiators or baseboard… Read more »