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Low-Flow Bathroom Fixtures Live Up to Their Name

How low can you go? No, we’re not talking about the forever popular Limbo dance. We’re talking low-flow faucets and fixtures that use lesser amounts of water to accomplish everyday activities like handwashing, showering, and even flushing – all without compromising cleanliness or water pressure. Better yet, today’s low-flow technology has greatly surpassed previous models…. Read more »

How to Maintain Deck Safety

People in New England, for the most part, get to enjoy their decks for a solid three seasons. The more adventurous even grill out back on even the coldest of winter days. And yet, the North American Deck and Railing Association estimates that more than half of outdoor decks are past their prime. Is yours?… Read more »

What Type of Water Heater Is Best For You?

A Water Heater Personalized To Your Needs Will Improve Your Life Chances are you never think about your water heater, that is, until you find the icy water of Antarctica pouring out of your shower head. We’ve all been enjoying a nice, warm, relaxing shower when bam, our water heater runs out of the good… Read more »