5 Bathroom Remodeling Considerations

You probably wouldn’t bother to look it up, but bathroom design and functionality have come a long way. And the more time that passes, the greater the extent and types of innovations. That’s a good thing, but also can add a great deal of confusion and uncertainty into the process.

Still, you have to start somewhere so, if your bathroom no longer meets your needs or suits your taste – and you’ve got the funds – why not give it a whirl? But first, take the following suggestions into consideration.

Reflect your style. Does your bathroom look more like the set of a 1960s sitcom than a stylish representation of your taste? Whether you want a full-scale renovation, or a more budget-friendly project, today’s product and design offerings can help you achieve high impact results without breaking the bank.

Increase storage. While the average bathroom has increased in size over the years, many still lack the storage needed for today’s busy families. Smart storage solutions can help maximize every square inch of its footprint.

Suit your lifestyle. Has your family changed over the past 10 years? Perhaps your home is know filled with the pitter-patter of little feet, or you’re an empty-nester looking forward to retirement. Just because your bathroom fit your needs a decade ago, doesn’t mean it still does today and will in years to come.

Correct and prevent. This workhorse of a room takes a beating. Sustained exposure to moisture, for example, can lead to mold, mildew, and decay. Caulking darkens and cracks, floor tiles begin to separate or become discolored, the color on your wood vanity is fading, and your sink has stains you can’t get out. All of that, and more, can be fixed and improved upon.

Save water. If you were to take a shower with the drain stopper in, you’d quickly find yourself standing in several inches of water. Now, imagine how much water your entire household uses every day flushing toilets, washing hands, brushing teeth, and showering. That’s a lot of water down the drain! Upgrading to water-saving faucets, showerheads, and toilets can help you greatly reduce water usage and lower your monthly water bill.

Invest in your home. Not every investment offers a positive return, but a bathroom remodel delivers one of the best, enabling most homeowners to recoup over 50% of the cost of the remodel. The catch is to not over-improve but not to cut important corners, either.

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