7 Key Home Repairs

Home ownership and a honey-do list go hand in hand, and yet sometimes that list can get OUT of hand as you try to juggle work, family, friends, and everything else that’s part of your busy lifestyle.

While certain home maintenance tasks are easy to place on the back burner without much consequence – like organizing your closet – others need prompt attention before things get worse.

So, to help prioritize your task list and save you the headache of costly and unforeseen repairs, here are 7 items you’ll want to tackle with all due haste:

Wood rot. Whether it’s taking place in your basement, crawlspace, or on your deck, wood rot indicates a bigger, behind-the-scenes problem. Whether the cause is water damage, termites, or anything else, wood rot should be addressed pronto to prevent further damage.

Roof, chimney, and gutter problems. Protect your home from the elements by replacing loose or missing roof shingles, repairing loose chimney bricks, and clearing your gutters.

Cracks around windows and doors. Sealing cracks and gaps will help keep pests out while putting the brakes on rising utility costs.

Dirty HVAC filters. Keep your heating and cooling systems running at peak efficiency and reduce indoor pollutants by cleaning or replacing your air filters every four to six weeks, on average.

Electrical issues. A spark from a light switch, a hot electrical cord, and flickering lights are just three indications that all is not well with your home electrical system. That’s not just a repair issue, it’s a matter of home and family safety.

Heating system noises. While there are plenty of things that can and do go bump in the night, your heating system shouldn’t be among them. Clanking or banging furnaces and baseboard units are more than just annoying…they’re warning signs of a heating system malfunction.

Water leaks. Whether it’s a toilet that won’t stop running, or a showerhead that keeps on dripping, fixing even the smallest of leaks saves water, money, and prevents damage to fixtures, floors, walls, and your personal belongingss

At Pann Home Services, we can help keep your home heating and cooling systems in top working order all year long. Same goes for your plumbing. Has it been a year or longer since yours have been professionally inspected and maintained? If so, contact us to schedule service now.