Benefits of an Under-Sink Water Filter

The human body is more than 72% water, which means the quality of the water that goes in has a great deal to do with your overall health.

If your municipality has high-quality water and you’ve had that confirmed, you’re among the fortunate of local homeowners. On the other hand, water quality problems abound throughout the North Boston area and might be impacting your home, as well.

It’s easy enough to find out – contact Pann Home Services, and we’ll conduct a highly accurate water test. Not only will we learn to what extent it’s contaminated, but we can also tell you which minerals or pollutants are causing the problem.

Equally important, we offer several improved water quality solutions, including under-sink water filters. They don’t provide whole-house protection, but they do provide you with all the filtered water you need in your kitchen for cooking, drinking, and any other purpose you choose.

Why Choose an Under-Sink Water Filter

  • Filtered water reduces the risk of gastrointestinal disorders and disease by more than 30%. Since clean water helps improve the functionality of your digestive system, it also boosts your body’s natural immune system.
  • Filtered water effectively flushes toxins from the body by aiding the body’s natural cleansing process. Conversely, tap water can impede this process due to the organic and inorganic toxins it may contain.
  • An under-sink water filter is far more economical than bottled water and doesn’t negatively impact the environment.
  • They’re easy to install and your most affordable water filtration option. Easy to maintain, too.
  • Under-sink filters are your best option if you don’t have enough space to accommodate an extensive water filter system. They don’t take up valuable space in your kitchen and stay out of sight.

To learn more about under-sink water filters and other water filtration solutions, contact Pann Home Services today. And, with Pann, you always get a new system at a guaranteed price!