Benefits of Converting from Oil to Gas Heat

When you switch from oil to gas heat, you’re going to save money. Depending on oil prices, maybe that won’t happen in the first year. But over the long haul, it will.

While oil is a diminishing supply resource, there’s an abundance of natural gas with no end in sight. That alone accounts for reduced heating costs once you switch to gas – potentially hundreds of dollars a year. Average annual per household savings in New England are more than $1,000.

And yet saving money isn’t the only reason to consider switching.  Have a look:

  • No surprise fuel outages. A sudden oil embargo or shortage can turn indoor comfort into a living nightmare. This isn’t fantasy land – it’s happened before.
  • Greater Efficiency. Natural gas appliances and heating systems work faster, more efficiently, and produce more heat than their oil- and electric-based counterparts.
  • Eco-friendly and clean. As the cleanest burning fossil fuel, natural gas also eliminates the need for a tank that could potentially spill or leak. The evolution of efficient gas-burning appliances has helped reduce the amount of gas consumed.
  • Convenient. With a gas system, you can keep warm even during a blizzard. With oil, what happens if an oil truck can’t make it to your home when your tank is just about empty?

What’s more, older oil systems are prone to stinking up your basement or wherever the tank is located. That smell can easily travel throughout your home, too. And, speaking of such practical matters as the tank, gas unit tanks are smaller and take up less space.

So, if your street has a main gas line, the first step toward converting from oil to a gas heater already is completed. For more information and a free in-home heating analysis and new system proposal, contact Pann Home Services today.