Benefits of More Outdoor Plumbing

Most American homes have at least one outdoor faucet. Come to think of it, many homes in our area have one outdoor faucet…period.

Well, the home and garden centers must love you for all the extra hoses and watering cans you buy as you attempt to reach all areas of your property. Local car washes love you too for all the extra business your inconvenience drives their way.

And now for the good news: Pann Home Services can quickly add one or more outdoor faucets to your home so you can get more done with greater convenience.

Here’s something else to think about: your new outdoor faucet also can generate hot and cold water. Just like indoor faucets, you’ll have a choice of single and dual-handled models. With hot and cold water mixed your way, you can do a much better and faster job of cleaning your car while tackling other jobs not meant for cold water alone, like cleaning outdoor furniture or your grill. For your added peace of mind, our outdoor hot-and-cold-water faucets don’t freeze in the winter.

Outdoor Shower, Anyone?

Let’s say you have a backyard pool and, with it, people constantly traipsing inside and out to take a shower, change their clothes, grab a snack, and so on. Well, no matter how careful they might be, you’re still left with wet floors and who knows what else to clean up afterwards. Hmm, just a thought, but wouldn’t life be infinitely simpler and neater with a new hot-and-cold-water outdoor shower? Yes, we install them, too.

Outdoor sinks are becoming increasingly popular, as are water-fed bird baths and garden fountains. All it takes is running an underground water line.

To learn more about the added convenience outdoor plumbing can provide, contact Pann Home Services today. We’re your complete indoor and outdoor plumbing resource.