Home Projects That Can Wait

Whether it’s a flooded basement, leaky roof, or overflowing toilet, legitimate household calamities require prompt and decisive action. Other home improvement or repair projects don’t – especially while you’re sheltering in place like during the spring of 2020 when this blog was posted.

So, unless you’re in a screaming rush, here’s a list of projects that can wait for the dust to settle.

  1. New Wallpaper or Paint – Sure, a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper can instantly transform a room, but unless walls have been damaged by water, they’ll still be there in a month, six months, or a year…and none the worse off.
  2. New Décor – Nothing like new bedding, artwork, and other decorative items to breathe life into a space. But getting just the right things often involves several shopping trips, not to mention a likely return or two. Try to resist the urge for just a little while longer. Who knows, by then you might get some really great deals!
  1. New Flooring – You’ve put up with that worn, stained carpet, cracked tile, or dated linoleum for this long, it won’t hurt you to wait a bit longer – unless, of course, it’s been flooded which could present a mold risk.
  2. Tile Backsplash – It’s tempting to use time spent in isolation to browse through web photos, but resist the urge to get the ball rolling – unless, that is, you can get a great deal just when other homeowners are hunkered down and not doing any updating.
  3. Faucets and Fixtures – Unless your faucet or shower head are leaking, hold off on updating them for a bit longer to avoid frequent trips to the home improvement store or having to wait in line just to get inside.
  4. Bathroom Fan – Tired of a steamy bathroom mirror after your morning shower? You likely need a bathroom vent fan. However, if it’s not practical to repair or replace yours, or start from scratch, it’s ok to wait it out a bit. Be sure to crack open a bathroom window while you shower and leave it open for at least 10 minutes after. No window? Leave the bathroom door ajar if you can and/or take a shorter shower.
  5. Raised Garden Beds – Sure, growing your own vegetables and herbs is a great idea under normal circumstances, but do you really need to be making all those trips to the home improvement store for lumber, fasteners, and tools? Try your hand at a ground-level garden this year instead.

Whether it’s now or later, Pann Home Services provides all the help you need with plumbing, heating, cooling, home remodeling and handyman services. As an essential business, we remain open even when the going gets a little rough.  Need help now? We’re ready to heed the call.