How to Prevent Common Toilet Problems

“Tune-up my toilet? What, so it sounds better? Give me a break!”

Okay, at first blush, a toilet tune-up might seem like a silly idea. But when you look at all the things that can go with it if left unattended, you’ll find there’s nothing silly about it. In fact, by having your toilet tended to once a year as part of whole-house plumbing inspection, you’d be pleasantly surprised at just some of the problems we can help prevent.

Consider the following very real toilet issues.

  1. The Night Moaner

As people retire for the evening, water pressure in city water supplies begins to rise.This increase in pressure can be transferred to a worn ball cock valve and cause it to vibrate ever so slightly, thus creating a moaning sound.

  1. Ghost Flushing

Does your toilet tank start to fill on its own? This can almost always be traced to one of two problems: a poorly fitting or leaking flapper or a refill tube that is too long.

  1. Whistles While it Works

If your toilet tank starts to whistle just before it fills, you probably have an old fashioned ball cock fill valve with a float ball on an arm. These valves close slowly as the water level rises and, as it does, the valve slowly rises.

  1. Whole Lotta Shakin’

Does your toilet rock when you sit on it? If so, the grout between the toilet and the floor needs to be replaced. Or maybe the bolts connecting it to the floor need to be tightened.

  1. Water Leaks at Base of Toilet

If water is leaking around the base of the toilet or, once it’s been flushed, to the ceiling or floor beneath it, the wax gasket between the toilet and the drainpipe flange needs to be changed.

As we suggested up front, you can wait until each such problem occurs or, better yet, contact Pann Home Services today to request a whole-house plumbing inspection. The whole purpose is preventive maintenance, the kind that can save you a lot of money.