How to Treat Hard Water and Save Money

No matter where you live and whether you have well or municipal water, your home water supply no doubt contains at least trace levels of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. Trace level is fine. But when the level of calcium and magnesium exceeds “normal”, problems can arise. And they all come under the heading of hard water.

While hard water presents no health risks, it does leave several telltale signs, including:

  • Dull whites from the washing machines
  • Washed clothes aren’t as soft, either
  • A milky haze on dishes and glasses after running the dishwasher
  • Dull, dry hair
  • Itchy skin

Hard water also can corrode water-using appliances and the inside of your water pipes.

Whole-House Water Softener to the Rescue

A whole-house water softener from Pann is the effective solution to eliminating hard water conditions. As water enters your home, it flows through the water softener and the resin within the system filters out the excess mineral content. The softened water then leaves the system and flows through the plumbing all around your home.

With your hard water problems gone, you’ll enjoy cleaner and softer clothes, whiter whites, cleaner dishes, and less money spent on personal care and home cleaning supplies. What’s more, your water-using appliances will take a breather from the corrosive effects hard water can deliver.

Here are a few additional benefits of water softening:

  • Reduced energy bills. You can wash your clothes and dishes faster with softer water…less time consumed, less energy consumed.
  • Healthier plants. Water softeners eliminate chlorine which can be harmful to indoor plants and your health.
  • Longer equipment life for underground sewer pipes. Limescale – another byproduct of hard water – reduces the diameter of pipes. That, in turn, leads to increase water pressure and internal sewer pipe damage.

Whatever your water quality issue might be, Pann Home Services will accurately diagnose it and recommend the right solution. With us, it’s all part of the service. So is ongoing system maintenance and, should be they be needed, water filtration repair. Contact us today for a free water softening or filtration proposal.