Ice Dam Removal and Prevention in Cambridge

Cambridge Ice Dams

Ice dams in Cambridge form when snow collects on a roof and then slowly melts from the peaks downward. As the water from this melting snow runs down the roof, it refreezes in the gutters and along the roof edge. This forms icicles and ice dams. Of course, in order for the snow to melt in the first place, there has to be a heat source. That heat source is almost always a drafty attic with inadequate insulation. The weight of an ice dam can quickly become enough to rip gutters off a house and even damage the roof structure. Furthermore, water that backs up behind an ice dam can get under the roofing and find its way into walls and ceilings. The potential for costly damages to your home from an ice dam are significant.

The only real cure is seal the drafts and install additional attic insulation. Fortunately, this work can be done anytime of the year. So if you see icicles forming around the edge of your roof, now is the time to do something about it. So call the professionals at Pann Home Services and let us take care of it.

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Why Cambridge Should Hire Us For Ice Dams

A deck from a professional Cambridge remodeling contractor will add beauty to your home and value to your life. It can be just the place to host a neighborhood get together or simply the perfect place to sit back and relax. We build and customize your deck so that they blend in with your present home design and terrain.

Our professionals will advise you on design and material choices as well as come out to your home to get a sense of what you want in the context of what is possible for your space.

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