Is Water Damage Covered by Your Insurance?

The answer is a great big “maybe.”

Here’s a little more to go on. Standard home insurance policies typically cover in-home water damage caused by burst pipes, faulty plumbing, a leaking roof, accidents from a toilet or washing machine, etc.

But there are exceptions.In particular, your standard policy will likely not cover damage caused by flooding (no surprise there), water or sewer pipe back-ups, and poorly maintained pipes that result in leaks.

What About Valuable Possessions

Unless you buy extra insurance, “valuable items” like paintings, old baseball cards, your wedding dress, and other collectibles won’t be covered. Even if they were, they might be beyond repair. And while the memories will surely linger, future generations will have lost something special.

How to Protect Your Home & Valuables

There are three main ways we can help you prevent water damage, whether it’s covered by insurance or not:

  • 1. Annual Whole-House Plumbing Inspection. Plumbing isn’t made to last forever. But that doesn’t mean it can’t last longer than its expected lifespan. And the best way to accomplish that goal is through regularly scheduled preventive maintenance.That way, we can keep close watch over even the smallest of potential problems before they can become larger and costly repairs.
  • 2. Water Shut-off Valve. No matter where in your home a water leak or accumulation might occur, water shut-off valves are designed to quickly detect them and then shut off your home’s main water supply before flooding and resulting damage can occur.
  • 3. Sump Pump. If your home or neighborhood is prone to basement water leakage, the prudent move is to install a sump pump to get the water out as fast as it comes in. That gives you time to seek a more permanent solution to prevent water entering your home in the first place.

To help stop the worry over home water damage, contact Pann Home Services today for more information on how we can assist you. A little prevention now can go a long way toward protecting your property and preserving your heritage.