Belmont Tankless Water Heaters

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Despite all the other energy-hungry fixtures in the modern home devouring gas and electricity, the water heater stands out as one of the hungriest features. Cutting the power consumption of this item can make a big difference in energy bills, and tankless high-efficiency water heaters are the single best way to achieve this. No water heating system is easy to install, but Belmont tankless water heaters require extra expertise to set up. Pann Home Services and Remodeling has that expertise. Call us at (800) 286-5959 to get the process started on installing a new tankless water heater. For a look at our line of Navien tankless water heaters, visit us at 126 Inman Street in Cambridge.

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Cheap Hot Water From a High-Efficiency Water Heater in Belmont

The main advantage of switching out an old water tank with a tankless water heater replacement in Belmont is seriously lower heating costs. Even with the heaviest possible coat of insulation, a hot water tank will still lose heat, so additional energy is needed to keep the water warm even when it’s in standby mode. To get an idea of how wasteful this is, consider that Belmont tankless water heaters can be up to 34% more efficient by eliminating the tank. This cost savings continues when Navien tankless water heaters are used due to the rebates Navien is currently offering.

More Bonuses of Tankless Water Heater Replacement in Belmont

The benefits aren’t just financial. Without a tank, Belmont tankless water heaters take up a lot less space than their old counterparts. The lack of a tank allows greater flexibility in choosing where to locate the heater. Taking the tank out of the picture also removes the threat of a major leak. Finally, a tankless water heater provides hot water as demanded while a water tank requires time to refill once the initial supply is depleted.

Tankless Water Heater Repair in Belmont

When Navien tankless water heaters or any other brand need fixing, our professionals at Pann are more than capable of the job. This shouldn’t be too often, though. With fewer parts than a tank-based system, tankless systems are more durable. When tankless water heater repair in Belmont is necessary, this simpler design and easy access keep costs down. To top it off, this simplicity and ruggedness also mean a heater that easily lasts twice as long, at least 20 years, as a tank heater.

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