Lynn Cooling

Lynn CoolingWith this summer expected to be one of the hottest on record, we would like to remind home and business owners that now is the best time to prepare by scheduling an appointment for inspection and maintenance of their HVAC or other air conditioning systems. Out of our Pann Home Services and Remodeling Cambridge location at 125 Inman Street, we provide fast, convenient and affordable services throughout the area. We are your local Lynn cooling maintenance experts available any day or hour of the week at our toll free number at 800-286-5959.

Why Is a Seasonal Checkup So Important for Your Lynn Cooling System?

Emergency Lynn cooling system repair calls often occur because equipment parts wear out and break down naturally with use over time. Poor maintenance results in the buildup of dust, dirt and other debris that overheats fans, motors and other parts. Even if there isn’t a repair issue, debris from microorganisms like mold and pests like insects and rodents can harm your health when you’re using your equipment. A seasonal appointment that includes a thorough 18-point inspection and cleaning along with any repairs, as needed, reduces the risk of a breakdown when you need clean, cool air the most on a hot or high pollen count or other poor outdoor air quality day; helps your system run more efficiently; and proves an average energy savings of 15 percent per month. If we need to perform one or more repairs, we catch the problem before you have to pay for an expensive emergency call or deal with extreme heat or hard-to-breathe air while waiting for parts or new equipment.

How Does Lynn Cooling Maintenance Improve Your System?

Whenever we perform a Lynn cooling system repair, our clients enjoy an extended system life of at least 30 percent. We can also usually perform repairs that same day so that you don’t have to rely on tabletop and pedestal fans and buckets of ice or struggle to cool even just one small room or apartment. In addition, any cooling system repair in Lynn that we perform during a maintenance call includes a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. We don’t believe in keeping our clients in the dark when it comes to their understanding of their specific cooling systems. Our technicians finish each call by providing you with detailed information and guidance about how to clean and maintain your system between inspections.

We Also Perform Emergency Cooling Services in Lynn

Outside of Lynn cooling maintenance, we also offer reliable repair, replacement, and new installation services during emergencies and a protection plan that includes yearly inspection check-ups as part of the agreement. With the Pann Protection Plan, we put you at the top of our schedule during an emergency. No matter how long it takes for our technicians to determine the problem and find the best solution, you receive a 15 percent discount on a cooling system repair in Lynn and three-year service warranty, and we also waive dispatch and after-hours night and weekend overtime fees. If your system is beyond repair, we offer Lynn cooling replacement services. Our technicians take the time to explain all of the available systems for a Lynn cooling replacement, including money-saving, smart thermostat, variable temperature and humidity, Energy Star and multi-room zone options. A cooling system replacement in Lynn doesn’t require a long wait either: once we have the system you select ready, we can usually perform the installation in less than a day.

Your Go-To Lynn Cooling Experts

Our Pann Home Services and Remodeling team of professionals is proud to offer Lynn cooling system maintenance and repair services and complete cooling system replacement in Lynn and surrounding Greater Cambridge areas. We know that our clients have varied needs. For example, a Lynn homeowner might rely on cool air because too much heat causes a bad medication reaction. A business owner can’t afford production losses that result when high temps make employees irritable, less motivated and slower. Contact us today to answer your Lynn cooling questions and to schedule a seasonal maintenance appointment to reduce the risk of these types of events taking place.