Everett Carpentry And Remodeling

Residents of this community appreciate the excellent Everett carpentry and remodeling assistance offered by Pann Home Services. Does your home need urgent repairs? We maintain an office at 126 Inman Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts (in zip code 02139). You can reach us by dialing 1-800-286-5959 anytime. Call now to request an estimate and schedule a service appointment!

Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling Enhances Homes

We offer high quality, fast kitchen and bathroom remodeling services. Ask for our help fixing damaged or unattractive countertops. We’ll provide new shelves and cabinets. Our staff can help install a new shower or tub for your family. Enjoy a lovely renovated kitchen and bath with our assistance!

We Offer Skilled Carpentry Repairs

We supply capable, experienced carpenters to help perform necessary repairs. (All our workers have passed drug tests and background checks.) Do the steps and stair railings in your home appear loose or rickety? Have you noticed broken boards, or loose, creaking flooring? Perhaps your home’s wooden doors and closets no longer close properly? Contact us now to obtain fast carpentry repairs. We’ll provide an estimate on request. Call 1-800-286-5959 now to schedule a convenient service appointment.

Enjoy Beautiful Flooring

If you’ve noticed creaking or sagging floors in your home, we can help. Ask us to help your family enjoy beautiful safe flooring again! We’ll repair cracked and loose floorboards. We fix hardwood floors, vinyl floors, and carpeted surfaces.

We Supply Everett Drywall Repair Services

Everett drywall repair example
Pann Home Services also offers expert Everett drywall repair services. If your home has sustained wall damage, we’ll repair this problem. We fix holes and cracks in walls. We also replace moldy, rotting drywall. Ask us to correct wall problems for you quickly.

Our Tile Repairs Revitalize Countertops

Our technicians also replace damaged and broken tiles. We fix kitchen and bathroom tile countertops and tile floors. We repair tile in laundry rooms and mud rooms and hallways. We also fix damaged bathroom tiles. Ask us to give you an estimate for this service. Our techs perform many different types of tile repairs. We’ll help you restore your home to a lovely condition again! We want to help you enjoy a safe, comfortable place to live. Request our carpentry and remodeling services today. Just call 1-800-286-5959 for assistance!