Salem Air Conditioning

Salem Air ConditioningSalem air conditioning is more than just a luxury item. The combination of heat and humidity in this part of the country can lead to all manner of health problems. The elderly and infirm are definitely vulnerable to heat-related difficulties, but aside from this, a hot, damp environment helps foster everything from toxic mold to disease-carrying pests like flies and roaches. Just the act of cooling the air lowers humidity, so air conditioning performs two valuable functions. Keeping an AC unit running is not something to take chances with. Salem air conditioning repairs and air conditioning replacement should be left to professionals like Pann Home Services and Remodeling.

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Reliable Salem AC Repair

Air conditioning can be pretty complicated. HFC refrigerant is pressurized by a compressor, depressurized by an expansion valve, and passed through condenser and evaporator coils while being blown by fans. Clearly, getting the right diagnosis for a malfunction requires knowledgeable personnel like those on our team. Helping them along, only the most precise testing equipment is used. When the trouble is located, our crews will efficiently perform Salem air conditioning repairs using only quality replacement parts. When everything’s back up and running, we provide a guarantee.

Size Matters With Salem AC Replacement

Salem air conditioning won’t last forever. In fact, the normal lifespan for a unit is around 15 years. As this machinery nears its end, failures become more commonplace and the unit turns into an energy hog. When it’s time for Salem AC replacement, Pann Home Services and Remodeling has a lineup of top-quality units. Just as important, our people can determine the exact unit size for the job. Things usually change in a house since that first air conditioner was installed. New room additions mean more work for an AC unit. Extra insulation can mean less heating and cooling work.

Salem Air Conditioning Preventive Measures

Keeping Salem AC repair and air conditioning replacement jobs at bay is possible with some routine work. Air filters need replacing on a regular basis. Accumulated dirt in other areas of the unit can also affect performance. We can handle it along with inspections of such things as refrigerant pressure. As rough as summers are around here, winters are even worse. We can get AC units ready for both seasons and make it last.

When it comes to fast, affordable and professional Salem air conditioning service, we’re the company to call!