Chelsea Carpentry and Remodeling

Chelsea Carpentry and Remodeling
When you are in need of Chelsea carpentry and remodeling, whether for your home or for business, the Pann Home Services and Remodeling company can help you. With over 60 years of experience, our team offers a wide range of remodeling alternatives for your home or place of business. Our company can offer you fast services at prices that will fit your budget. Our carpenters will be able to arrive at your home to provide a free estimate on your next remodeling project. Contact the carpentry and remodeling experts in Chelsea at 617-420-5324 for all of your remodeling needs. Our company address is 126 Inman St., Cambridge, MA, 02139.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

A couple of the jobs that we specialize in can include kitchen and bathroom remodeling. We will be able to start with the kitchen layout. Our carpenters can do everything for you, which can range from faucet installations, cabinet installs, kitchen outlet upgrades and more. We can also add or remove walls around the kitchen to accommodate any major changes in the layout. The bathroom changes can include bathtub installations or removal. We can install your bathroom fixtures as well, such as lighting.

Carpentry Repairs Done by Professionals

When you’re looking for carpentry repairs, our company will also be able to lend you a helping hand. These types of repairs can revolve around many things, such as holes in the wall or paint that’s coming off the walls. Our main goal is to repair your home to its former glory. We can work on repairing doors, windows, and roofs, just to mention a few of the options. The roof repairs will involve installations of high-quality shingles and plywood. These materials are essential to repair any types of water leaks or even termite damage done to your roof. However, serious termite infestations should be dealt with professionally, and it is recommended that you use an exterminator such as Termite Control Kansas City to deal with serious termite damage. Or if you are outside the area, you could check out this termite control los angeles service. There are loads of places that you can go to, to help you get rid of your pests. You just have to find the right one for you. Obviously, this will depend on location, as you need to make sure that you use a company that works close to you. So before you decide on anyone, you should make sure that you do some research and that you click to view the company’s pages before you hire anyone.

Flooring Installs and Repairs With Great Results

Aside from roof remodeling and repairs, we also work on flooring. We can do a variety of tile repairs or vinyl repairs. We can repair or install an entire layout of any room’s flooring. The tile repairs will be done by experienced carpenters. Aside from these types of repairs, our company also offers Chelsea drywall repair alternatives. We will make sure to finish any job with quality results. Remember to give us a call for your Chelsea drywall repair jobs or any other types of carpentry work that needs to get done in your home.

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