Medford Cooling

Medford Cooling Specialists
Our Medford cooling professionals are always here to help you with your cooling problems. Bottom line, the most important function your central cooling system offers is keeping indoor temperatures pleasantly cool, for the comfort of yourself and your family. But problems do occur that hinder your AC system’s ability to do this properly. A broken condenser is probably the most common cause of faulty cooling, and it’s usually the result of a malfunctioning motor or compressor. This can lead to imbalanced air-conditioning inside your home, perhaps with some rooms being overcooled and others not at all. If the AC unit works, but the temperature isn’t quite cool enough, most of the time dirty evaporator coils and malfunctioning thermostats are the culprits.

Medford Ductless Split Systems And More

You may be interested in Medford ductless split systems if you’ve built a new room onto your home that your central AC unit has trouble reaching, or perhaps one of your pre-existing rooms isn’t cooled, but you want it to be. Ductless units and mini splits offer the same cooling power of central HVAC systems, but without the need for any complex duct work or cooling system replacement. Each ductless AC system from Pann Home Services and Remodeling can handle up to three rooms, and several systems can be set up in any home. Some systems are designed to either heat or cool, while others do both. Medford cooling systems are powered by an outdoor condenser that hooks up to an indoor wall unit, which then emits the cool air. These wall systems are low-key and designed to mix beautifully with the style of your home. Best of all, ductless AC units can be controlled and programmed by remote, further simplifying their operation.

The Advantages Of Mini Splits

Medford ductless split systems are superior to window units in terms of electricity consumption, security, and aesthetic appeal. They enable you to adjust the air flow into certain rooms as opposed to your entire home, according to your own special desires. They are also a wonderful energy-boosting add-on to a pre-existing central AC system, allowing you to cool an extension room or other area that is not well-ventilated by your central AC unit.

Medford cooling system Repairs And Replacements

Whether your system components just need a good cleaning or you require a full cooling system replacement, we provide support and repairs for all system brands and models, including central air, heat pumps, mini splits, thermostats, and ductless air systems. By and large, the most popular brands for ductless AC systems that we provide are LG and Fuji. To learn more about Medford cooling system repairs or to receive a risk-free ductless system setup proposal, call the Medford cooling experts you know and trust at Pann Home Services and Remodeling.