Somerville Plumbers

For over 65 years, our family has owned and operated Pann Home Services and Remodeling. We have the licensed and insured professionals needed for all of your Somerville plumbing, water heater, drain cleaning, sewer repair, heating, cooling, carpentry, and remodeling needs. Enjoy our Pann-certified customer satisfaction where our experienced service team is vetted for drugs and background. You can trust our well-trained technicians to deliver quality results. Call us at (800) 268-5959 or visit us at 126 Inman Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts to set up an appointment for service.

Plumbing in Somerville

The highly-trained team at Pann Home Services and Remodeling can assist you when you have a Somerville plumbing issue. From broken water heaters to clogged drain lines, our team has you covered. We stand behind the work of our licensed and insured plumbing team and can expertly handle all of your plumbing in Somerville needs. We are highly rated in customer satisfaction because we want you to make us your lifetime Somerville plumber. Feel confident recommending us to neighbors and friends because we are upfront with cost estimates and honest when dealing with our customers. Our strong relationships forged with our vendors and employees allows even emergency Somerville plumber repairs any time of day or night.

Trusted Somerville Plumbers

Our Somerville plumbers team is current with new industry codes and attend training classes to further their knowledge of the products we install and service. Pann has the experts you need when you are looking for a Somerville plumbing company to install new plumbing lines, fix leaks or clogs, repair or maintain your heating and cooling equipment and to keep your water heater functioning correctly. The winter season is upon us, and many issues can happen to the plumbing in Somerville with the freezes and thaws common in this area. The Pann team provides complete home check-ups. Let our plumbers in Somerville inspect your home’s furnace and water heater for potential problems before you are stuck “out in the cold.” Issues like slow drains, strange sounds from your furnace or water heater, leaks, or a wet spot in your yard are indicators you need to call us. Rely on our trained plumbers to fix it fast and fix it right.

Drain Cleaning Services in Somerville

The most common reason people call for drain cleaning in Somerville is clogged drains. Bathroom and kitchen drains build up with an accumulation of hair, food scraps, grease, and soap scum. When drains run slow, the first thing many use is a store-bought drain cleaning product when homeowners should call Somerville drain cleaners instead. Before you try to clear a drain yourself, contact a Somerville drain cleaning company or Somerville rooter service like Pann to make sure you will not cause more problems later on by using drain clearing chemicals. Drain cleaning products poured into the drain are highly toxic and corrosive. The harmful chemicals used in these products are bad for the environment and erode your pipes, adding to the accumulation of debris clogging your pipes. Our sewer cleaning in Somerville specialists know store-bought drain cleaners dissolve enough debris from your clog to let the water drain, but the main lump stays intact, which leads to another clog in a short period. The use of these corrosive chemicals will have you looking for a Somerville sewer replacement plumber before you know it. Our professional Somerville plumbers use safe methods to clear pipes like hydro-jetting or rotor-rooting. These methods keep your pipe integrity intact and do not pollute the environment, so bypass drain cleaning liquids and call a rooter service in Somerville like Pann Home Services.

How To Know If You Need Plumbing Services in Somerville

If the toilet is backing up, the issue can be severe and may lead you to look for Somerville sewer repair services. Broken or old sewer lines can cause backups into your home, either through overflowing toilets or flooded drains. If your yard is constantly wet, it can indicate a broken drain line. If this area also smells, you are dealing with a broken sewer line. In any case, you will need to search for sewer repair in Somerville and find a reputable company like Pann Home Services to replace the damaged line. Our experienced team can also deal with Somerville sewer services needs like leaking sink lines, or objects that have fallen down the drain and are stuck in the p-trap. We also offer a Somerville sewer inspection that can keep your drain lines clear. We use safe methods to clean pipes and use cameras to pinpoint what is causing your sewer system to malfunction. With our preventative maintenance Somerville drain cleaning service, your home will run smoothly.

Somerville Water Heaters

Are you looking for a tankless water heater in Somerville or need a water heater replacement in Somerville? Then we have got you covered. We install in Somerville tankless water heaters and offer the town tankless water heater repair. Our team at Pann service and install traditional water heaters suitable to handle your family’s needs. Tankless water heaters need professional installation since they have special requirements for piping of gas, venting, and other safety factors. If you are in Somerville and a water heater replacement is needed, you may opt to update to a tankless water heater replacement in Somerville.

Traditional vs. Tankless Water Heaters

A traditional water heater stores and preheats water in a tank for use in showers, dishes or the laundry. When the hot water drains during use, the tank refills to be heated again. Traditional water heaters in the Somerville area have some pros like a lower initial cost of installation and equipment, and they are easier and less expensive to replace. The cons of traditional Somerville water heaters start with a higher utility bill. Repeatedly heating and reheating water to a specific temperature takes more electricity or gas, especially during the winter months when it has to work harder to keep up. The lifespan of a traditional water heater is 10-15 years, so replacement costs eventually add up. Traditional water heaters occupy more space and must stay inside. Running out of hot water is an issue since they hold a limited amount of hot water and it takes time for the fresh water to heat up.

If you are looking for a high-efficiency water heater in the Somerville area, you should consider a tankless version. These units are smaller and create hot water on demand for a continuous flow. When a traditional water heater wears out, many people choose Somerville tankless water heater replacement. The positives of choosing tankless water heaters in Somerville are simple. The delivery of endless hot water is at two to three gallons per minute. The tankless unit is small and can fit just about anywhere, even outside. Tankless units can last 20 years and are more energy efficient than conventional water heaters since hot water is on demand, not stored in a tank which loses heat. The cons of choosing a tankless model is the high initial cost. When changing to a tankless version there are extra charges to retrofit the piping to reach the smaller model. The large models meant to handle the water demands of a family are expensive.

There are many signs to look for to know whether you need a Somerville water heater repair professional to visit your home. If you notice a lack of hot water, leaking tanks or pressure relief valves, strange noises or cloudy water call Pann immediately to assess the issue before a dangerous breakdown occurs. If you need a water heater repair in Somerville, the specialists at Pann Home Services are there for you. No matter the model of water heater you have, our technicians at Pann Home Services can install a new unit or offer our customers conventional and tankless water heater repair in Somerville and the surrounding areas.

Somerville Heating and Furnaces

The bitterly cold winter climate in Somerville demands a reliable source to heat your home. A Somerville heating professional from Pann will keep your furnace running smoothly. Sudden furnace breakdown? Pann offers the city of Somerville same-day furnace repair. Pann Home Services has expert technicians for the installation and repair of all types of Somerville furnaces, whether they run on gas, oil or electricity. We have experience in boilers for radiant or steam heat, as well as electric or gas furnaces. Furnace repair in Somerville begins when you notice problems like lack of heat, rumbling or squeaking noises, a pilot light that won’t stay lit, or a blower that won’t stop running. Pann Home Services and Remodeling is the Somerville heating company homeowners turn to when they need furnace repair. The days are getting colder, and soon winter will be upon Somerville. With a Somerville heater maintenance inspection, you can be assured of a warm home all winter. If we detect a severe issue, we can install a furnace replacement in Somerville before the harshest of winter weather arrives. Regular maintenance and service of your Somerville furnace eliminate issues that cause uneven heat control and airflow problems. The time is now for heater start-up in Somerville homes, so a professional furnace inspection from Pann can give you peace of mind that your furnace is functioning properly. If serious issues arise we have the Somerville furnace replacement technicians to get your home heating dilemmas solved. Pann Home Services is the place to go for reliable heater repair in Somerville. Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling and some homes have these. Somerville heater repair services offered by Pann extend to heat pumps. Our talented and highly-trained staff can cover any Somerville furnace repair homeowners need.

Cooling and Air Conditioning

Somerville air conditioning services are available from Pann. We provide the city of Somerville air conditioning repair as well as Somerville cooling system maintenance. Some air conditioning problems require Somerville cooling maintenance help. Improper installation can cause a new system not to cool efficiently, or a unit is not the right size for your home which prevents the air to cool properly. We can correctly install new cooling units or provide the right size model for your Somerville a/c replacement. The latest models of air conditioners are high-efficiency which can save a significant amount on your cooling bills. Lack of maintenance causes your A/C to malfunction and lead to Somerville cooling system repair. A professional inspection can spot problems before you need a full air conditioning replacement in Somerville. Our licensed HVAC experts will have all your cooling problems solved. They can install a new thermostat, fix refrigerant levels, clean coils and handle any Somerville air conditioning maintenance desired. Do you have new construction or need a Somerville air conditioning replacement? We deliver the best in cooling system replacement in Somerville. We install a wide variety of cooling units that will keep you in comfort all summer long. Let our experts explain the choices available for Somerville cooling replacement units and the best methods to maintain your new A/C for years to come.

Carpentry and Remodeling Contractors in Somerville

We are the affordable solution for kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and home remodeling repair. From kitchen cabinet refacing, to new kitchen islands and help in appliance selection our construction professionals can help update your space. From new kitchen and bath fixtures to any carpentry and remodeling, our trusted team has the skills you need to get the job done. Our Somerville carpentry professionals can build cabinets and counter-tops or handle remodeling replacement. We can add additional storage space to kitchens, baths, bedrooms, basements, and garages. We offer general contracting services to homeowners on large construction projects which saves time and headaches. Large or small Pann takes care of all of Somerville’s carpentry and remodeling needs. Our Somerville remodeling and carpentry team works with you to implement home solutions that meet your needs.

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As you have read, Pann Home Services is your one-stop shop for HVAC, water heater, drain/sewer, remodeling, and maintenance needs, as well as providing the finest plumbers in Somerville. Let our years of experience assist you in achieving a healthy and safe home. We are so confident you will be happy with Pann Home Services and Remodeling you can talk to our company president, Micheal Pann at any time to discuss what we can do to improve your Somerville home. Call us toll-free at (800) 268-5959 or visit us at 126 Inman Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We look forward to helping you!