Recent Weil-McLain Ultra Series Boiler Recall

While we all hope to never be faced with an issue with any machines, parts or equipment whether it be in our home, vehicle or elsewhere, there are times when manufacturers discover a problem or glitch in a system and need to send out a recall. Weil-McLain recently faced this reality as they discovered issues with some of their Ultra Series Boilers, specifically Ultra 80, Ultra 105, Ultra 155 and Ultra 230. Only some models were affected, but how are you to know your boiler is potentially one with the problem? That is why Pann Home Services takes the extra step to offer a check-up on your boiler anytime we are providing any of our plumbing, heating, cooling or handyman services in your home; we want to be as proactive and helpful as possible with each and every client and keep them safe and informed.

In this particular case, the cap on the manifold tube condensing, high-efficiency gas-fired boilers has the potential to crack and allow gas to leak into the air. Risk of fire and even explosion are possible, so correcting this issue immediately is extremely important. There is only a specific group of these boilers that are of concern; any of these boilers that were manufactured after June 1, 2012 and prior to March 11, 2014 and have a CP# between 6557046 and 6955985.

If you discover that your Weil-McLain Ultra Series Boiler fits the criteria for this specific recall, you can contact the company at 888-770-7139 for immediate replacement of the manifold. If you are not sure how to find the CP# or have any other questions or concerns with your boiler, the crew at Pann Home Services is happy to pay you a visit and provide you with any helpful answers and information.


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