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Pann Home Services is your one-stop shop for oil and gas boiler/furnace installation, repair and maintenance. Did you know that most old burners operate at as little as 50% efficiency, and the average Boston area home burner in place today operates at only 60% efficiency? New boilers installed by our professional heating contractors offer an 85% efficiency rating, which can often pay for the cost of the new one in just 2 years from money saved on fuel.

Boiler Efficiency

In fact, a Boston boiler replacement that reduces gas consumption by 20 percent could save about five to 10 cents per square foot annually. energy efficiency in boilers are available in two efficiency ranges: around 80 percent for standard conventional boilers, and percentages in the 90s for energy-efficient condensing units.

The dividing line between these efficiency ranges is based on the boilers ability to withstand condensing flue gases. Condensing flue gases, which occur in high-efficiency boilers, require special design considerations to tolerate the corrosive effects of the condensate. Boiler efficiency is defined as how much of the heating value of the fuel is being converted to useful heat.

At Pann Home Services, we will service and install any brand of boiler that you may have.  

Viesssmann Boilers

Pann Home Services recommends and installs top of the line Viessmann boiler equipment. Whether you are in the market now for a new boiler or just want to learn what’s out there, we urge you to invest a bit of time to understand the advantages of these German made boilers. Too many heating installers out there either haven’t taken the time to acknowledge that there is superior heating equipment available, or are content with “good enough”.

When Viessmann introduced the Vitola Biferral series in the late 1970’s, boiler technology would never be the same. It earned the reputation for being the best boiler in the world. It uses a patented two metal system- cast iron on the inside and stainless steel on the outside. With tiny grooves in between the two layers the flue gas condensation actually vaporizes before it can “cling” the flue-way at the dew point of the fuel (136 F for Natural Gas and 118 F for fuel oil). Please be aware that ALL boilers will produce a small amount of soot every time the boiler temperature reached the dew point- only the Vitola Biferral (and other Viessmann models) will “burn off” this offensive combustion process.

Financing Available

financing available for boston homeownersGetting top service is hard enough these days. But paying for it can be even harder. Especially today when fly-by-nights and unlicensed company charge less, do poor work and then cannot be found again. Pann Home Services knows that top service has to be made as affordable as possible but without compromising that service.

To that end, a full range of financing and payment options are available to clients to make paying for top-notch service as painless as possible.

Credit Card payments are accepted right at your home, or advance payment arrangements can be made if you will not be home when the repairs are made. In addition, a full range of professionally managed, competitive-rate financing plans are available to allow you to spread your payments out over a longer period.

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We provide the highest of standards in customer satisfaction because we believe service is the key to repeat business. e are upfront and truthful in dealing with our customers, vendors, and employees.

Our plumbers take continuous training classes in all new products that we service and install, attend seminars to further their knowledge, and learn about changes to industry codes.

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