System 2000 From Energy Kinetics

Boston water Heaters

System 2000 from Energy Kinetics.  There’s no other product like it for:

  • Heating your water and home in one energy-efficient system
  • Saving you big dollars on your annual energy bill
  • Conserving valuable energy resources for now…and generations to come!

How can one system save you so much money, even in the face of ever-rising fuel costs?

  • It’s simply more efficient to heat your home and water with one system vs. two;
  • The system activates only when you use heat or hot water in Boston, so there’s never any wasted energy;
  • A built-in recovery system puts virtually every bit of left-over heat back to work for you.

The following excerpt from an independent energy analysis shows how System 2000 stacks up against other types of heating systems:

“In typical systems that feature separate heating and hot water units, only about 62% of the fuel goes to heating your  home and water.  The rest is wasted.  By comparison, System 2000 operates at an average efficiency of 85.”

Click here to learn more about what makes System 2000 the most energy-efficient system you can buy!

What’s more, System 2000 is available in gas, and oil heat models…which means anyone can enjoy all the advantages it has to offer.

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