U.S. Department of Energy Has Mandated Changes to Water Heaters Manufactured After April 15, 2015


The U.S. Department of Energy has put into effect new regulations that require all manufactures of water heaters to meet a higher energy factor (EF) rating. Based on the new requirements, there will be significant changes to water heaters manufactured after April 15, 2015. This includes gas-fired, oil-fired, electric, tabletop, instantaneous gas fired and instantaneous electric. Tankless water heaters already meet the new requirements.


The Results Will Be:

~ Higher priced units – up to 35% more expensive
~ Larger units – 2″ taller and 2″ wider, and in some cases units may be even larger
~ More complicated installation requirements
~ Possible significant home remodeling costs if your water heater is located in a small space like a closet or attic


If the water heater is approaching 8 years old or older
you should seriously consider replacing it now before the prices go up.

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What to learn more about the new changes?

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