5 Good Reasons to Replace Your AC System

Just how ready are you for summer, AC wise?  Here’s why we ask – if your system barely made it through last year’s cooling season, are you confident it has what it takes to keep you cool and comfortable yet again…and without fear of a breakdown or system failure?

Lack of confidence is one good reason to consider replacing it now. Here are four more:

  •  1. If your system is at least 15 years old, it’s already reached the high end of its expected lifespan. What’s more, it doesn’t have the same operating efficiency it did when it was new, which means you’re overpaying on your electricity bill. Replacing it now would reduce those costs and virtually eliminate any repair issues.
  •  2. Older AC systems aren’t effective at dehumidifying your home. Once indoor humidity starts to rise, you have three basic options: learn to live with it, purchase a whole-house dehumidifier, or replace your AC system. Pann can help you make that choice with only your best interests in mind.
  •  3. If repair issues are occurring more often, when does even one more repair bill become one too many? Again, only you can decide.
  •  4. If your older system runs on Freon, which it most likely does, you’ll be striking a blow for cleaner air when you replace your system. All new systems are made with a non-ozone depleting refrigerant.

Not sure what to do? Why not start with a thorough AC system cleaning by the experienced pros at Pann Home Services & Remodeling. Once completed, we can give you an accurate assessment of your system’s condition. If either repair service or replacement is called for, you can count on Pann expert advice and the best service, guaranteed. Contact us today for all your home comfort needs.