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Don’t Skip Out On AC Preventive Maintenance

Your AC Deserves Some Care And Attention Your central AC system doesn’t ask for much. As long as you’re keeping its filter clean and giving it the yearly maintenance it needs, it’s probably as happy as an air conditioner can be. I mean, you are keeping up with its maintenance, right? It can be easy… Read more »

Save Energy While Battling The Heat

Staying Cool Doesn’t Have To Mean Energy Waste Who doesn’t enjoy a cool breeze in 90° weather? It can be tempting to run the AC all day long, but doing so can be a tremendous waste of energy. No only does that lead to a larger utility bill, the long-term environmental effects can be disastrous…. Read more »

How Often Should You Change Your HVAC Filter?

HVAC Filter Change

You may need to change your filter more often than you realize! Air filters are a crucial component of your HVAC system. Air filters not only keep your air clean but also improve the efficiency of your system. Many people don’t realize that air filters also protect the inner workings of their HVAC system. Filthy… Read more »

Is a High Efficiency AC System Worth It?

You gotta do it. You’ve been talking about it for the past few years, but this time, you just gotta do it – replace your AC system, that is. It’s already being held together with bandages; utility costs have long since broken through the roof; and now, the AC repair guy is living in a… Read more »

Is It Time to Replace Your AC?

How Do You Know When To Replace Your AC? What Signs Should You Look For In A Failing Unit? A steady stream of cool air from your AC unit can make or break you day. Make sure yours is working well. AC units never pick a convenient time to break down. If your air conditioning… Read more »

Pre-Season Air Conditioning Start-Up Hints and Tips

Summer is rapidly approaching. With it comes warmer temperatures and an increased amount of use for your home’s air conditioning system. Before you start it up this summer, you should run through the following pre-season air conditioning start-up hints and tips to make sure it works to the fullest of its abilities. Remember: nobody likes… Read more »

Air Conditioning – How Does it Work?

While almost everyone has an air conditioning system either at home or at work, many of those same people have little to no idea how said air conditioning system works. Well, let’s fix that! Knowing how your air conditioning system works is important because that knowledge will help you determine when to call in the… Read more »

Signs of an Air Conditioning Duct Leak

From increased energy bills to inefficient cooling, air conditioning duct leaks can cause serious problems with your home air conditioning system. Like with most other air conditioning problems, you’ll want to have your leaky air ducts taken care of quickly. However, it can sometimes be difficult to tell whether your ductwork is leaking or not…. Read more »