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How to Prevent Heat Loss

No matter how efficient your heating system is, you definitely don’t want it heating the entire neighborhood. Yet, homes in Boston seem bent on doing just this when they allow their heated air to escape through gaps in their insulation. Whether they leave a door ajar or window gaps unfilled, Boston homeowners just can’t seem… Read more »

The Benefits of Boiler Maintenance

Most people think of their home heating system as a furnace when the truth dictates otherwise. Here’s the difference between a furnace and a boiler: It’s a furnace (or “forced air heating system”) if heat is supplied by air ducts. It’s a boiler (or “hydronic heating system”) if heat is supplied by radiators or baseboard… Read more »

How to Prevent Home Furnace Problems

Is there ever a good time to lose heart? Of course not. Still, some are better than others. If your furnace shuts down on a crisp, cool autumn day, you’re probably not going to panic and immediately head for the nearest hotel. But on a sub-freezing night in the dead of winter? Ouch! To avoid… Read more »

How a Heat Exchanger Works, and How Problems Can Occur

Many homeowners think of a furnace as a unified whole that somehow, some way, brings heat into an otherwise cold home. If that sounds like you, more or less, no one’s blaming you for not investigating how a furnace works. You have a busy life, you have plenty on your plate already, and you trust… Read more »

When Should I Replace My Furnace?

Merrily you’ve rolled along with the same heating system, year after year, and you’re entirely satisfied with its performance. No harm, no foul – right? Well, yes and no. Heating systems, especially older models, have an average lifespan of 12 – 15 years. This means that if you stay put in your home long enough,… Read more »

Benefits of Converting from Oil to Gas Heat

When you switch from oil to gas heat, you’re going to save money. Depending on oil prices, maybe that won’t happen in the first year. But over the long haul, it will. While oil is a diminishing supply resource, there’s an abundance of natural gas with no end in sight. That alone accounts for reduced… Read more »

Fall Heating System Safety Check-Up – Early Bird Special

The Fall is here! It’s time to schedule your Fall Heating System Safety Check-Up and Gas Fireplace Start-up! You must continue with a planned check-up to keep your system at optimal performance and in compliance with applicable warranties. The last thing you want is your heating system to quit on you just before winter! Contact… Read more »

Enhance Your New Kitchen with Toe Kick Heaters

If every room of your home feels perfectly comfortable no matter the season, consider yourself lucky. Perhaps your home is newer or contains separate heating and cooling zones sized perfectly and maintained faithfully. Yet, not all homes – or the people in them – have it so good. Take yours, for example. Are you experiencing… Read more »

DIY Furnace Repairs

A furnace that won’t heat up usually prompts a call to your friendly neighborhood home heating professional. But before you dial up the number, first do a little private investigating of your own.  You might just find the solution is readily at hand and save yourself some money in the process. Dirty filter – Remove… Read more »