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How to Avoid Clogged Drains

If there is a single plumbing issue that causes our clients the most grief, it’s clogged drains. No matter how careful or clean we might be, clogged drains are practically inevitable in the household. While we here at Pann Home Services are always happy to help you clear an obstructed drain, we’d prefer for your… Read more »

What Causes Low Water Pressure?

One day you turn on a faucet and the water is flowing like Niagara Falls – the next, more like water dripping, drop by drop, from an icicle. Maybe it’s happened suddenly, or maybe it’s been going on for a while. Either way, it’s there, and you know all is not well. What you’re noticing… Read more »

Low-Flow Bathroom Fixtures Live Up to Their Name

How low can you go? No, we’re not talking about the forever popular Limbo dance. We’re talking low-flow faucets and fixtures that use lesser amounts of water to accomplish everyday activities like handwashing, showering, and even flushing – all without compromising cleanliness or water pressure. Better yet, today’s low-flow technology has greatly surpassed previous models…. Read more »

The Benefits of a Dual-Flush Toilet

At one point or another, you’ve probably come across a dual-flush toilet; one that allows you to select how much water you’d like to use when you flush by pushing one of two buttons on top of the tank. You also might have thought: “Hey, that’s pretty cool”, and just as quickly forgotten about it… Read more »

What is Water Hammer, and How Can I Stop It

There you are, standing at the kitchen sink filling up a large pot with water. Once it’s full, you shut off the faucet. That sudden move can cause water to change direction, sending a shock wave through the pipe and fittings. That shock wave also is known as “water hammer.”  Most plumbing systems have air… Read more »

How to Prevent Common Toilet Problems

“Tune-up my toilet? What, so it sounds better? Give me a break!” Okay, at first blush, a toilet tune-up might seem like a silly idea. But when you look at all the things that can go with it if left unattended, you’ll find there’s nothing silly about it. In fact, by having your toilet tended… Read more »

How to Handle and Prevent Plumbing Problems

As Ella Fitzgerald so eloquently put it, “Into each life, some rain must fall.” And in the lives of homeowners, that “rain” might be in the form of plumbing woes. Because, no matter how careful you are, eventually, a toilet will clog, a faucet will drip, and a pipe may even burst. Now, learn how… Read more »

Benefits of More Outdoor Plumbing

Most American homes have at least one outdoor faucet. Come to think of it, many homes in our area have one outdoor faucet…period. Well, the home and garden centers must love you for all the extra hoses and watering cans you buy as you attempt to reach all areas of your property. Local car washes… Read more »

Common Water Heater Warning Signs

When your first hear certain noises from inside your home, you might get a little spooked, grab a flashlight, and start carefully searching the house. Ghosts? Nope. A would-be intruder? No, thank goodness! Your kids wreaking havoc? Well, maybe – but not this time. During your search, you discover that your water heater is the… Read more »

Valentine’s Day Plumbing Tips

So it’s that time of the year again, Valentine’s Day. You’ve got the flowers, chocolates, and card ready to go. Only this year, you decided to skip the dinner reservations at her favorite restaurant and set up a home-cooked meal. Bold move. We see you and respect this effort, so we’ve decided to offer some… Read more »