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The Benefits of a Home Water Softener

Virtually every potable water source in the US has at least trace levels of calcium and magnesium.  When those levels rise above normal, problems can occur, setting the stage for hard water conditions. While hard water presents no health risks, it does leave several telltale signs, including these: Dull whites from the laundry Reduced sudsing… Read more »

The Benefits of Whole-House Water Filtration.

If your tap water looks clean and doesn’t taste funny, then it must be fit to drink – as fresh as the great outdoors.Or is it? The truth is, sight and taste are not the only indicators of water quality since not all pollutants are detectable unless the water is tested or until you experience… Read more »

How to Treat Hard Water and Save Money

No matter where you live and whether you have well or municipal water, your home water supply no doubt contains at least trace levels of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. Trace level is fine. But when the level of calcium and magnesium exceeds “normal”, problems can arise. And they all come under the heading of… Read more »

Benefits of an Under-Sink Water Filter

The human body is more than 72% water, which means the quality of the water that goes in has a great deal to do with your overall health. If your municipality has high-quality water and you’ve had that confirmed, you’re among the fortunate of local homeowners. On the other hand, water quality problems abound throughout… Read more »

4 Benefits of a Whole-House Water Filter

Clean, filtered water not only provides great-tasting drinking water, it safeguards your family’s health and extends the life of your plumbing fixtures. Here are four important benefits of installing a whole-house filter in your home. Better-Tasting Water  Clean water simply tastes better, whether you’re drinking it by the glass, cooking with it, making coffee, or brushing your teeth…. Read more »

Why Drink Less Bottled Water

We all use bottled water from time to time, even if just as a matter of convenience. But as a daily staple at home, work, or on the road? Not such a great idea. For starters, plastic water bottles are an ecological menace as these facts clearly illustrate: Plastic bottles take 700 years to even… Read more »