5 Home Service New Year’s Resolutions

So it’s the beginning of the year, and you are looking at yourself in the mirror. This is your year. The year that you take back the control of your home. You said this last year, but this time, it’s different. Now, where to start? We know that it may be daunting facing all of the tasks your home may need to get done. Still, luckily the pros at Pann Home Services and Remodeling have created a list of five simple steps to ensure your home starts this new year on the right foot. Our trusted team of home service specialists recommend completing these five home service New Year’s resolutions to keep your home running in tip-top shape going into 2019 and benefit yourself, your family, your neighbors, and the environment.

Schedule Visual Inspections:

A crucial but often neglected home services step is regularly inspecting your home visually. Most people forget to inspect their homes until there is a major problem that cannot be ignored. We recommend visually inspecting your home for potential leaks or rodent activity from your attic to the basement.

Check Smoke Detectors:

This is a straightforward step that will ensure that your home will stay safe. Having a properly functioning smoke detector and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm will keep your home safe from potential fires or carbon monoxide poisoning. Just give them a quick check and replace the battery if need be. Or, if you want to be on the safe side, getting in touch with a local electrical service in your area to carry out any repairs for you instead will also ensure that your smoke detector is working as it should. You should try it now if you want to increase your safety.

Clean and Replace Filters:

The filters of your major appliances play an important part in how well they operate. A filter will help keep small particles from being sucked into machines to mess with the performance. Overtime filters could become clogged with dust, pet hair, or small objects that mounted up over time. Blockages such as these can cause your appliances to run less efficiently. To avoid these issues, we recommend that you replace your filters about every three months. When your appliances are running more efficiently, you will save energy and money each month.

Keep Your Drains Clog-Free:

Everyone knows that clogged drains stink, literally and metaphorically. So be sure to take steps towards preventing clogs before they happen this year. A quick and effective way to prevent clogs is placing mesh screens or strainers in your sinks, tub or shower, etc., and not attempting to put items down the drain or toilet that doesn’t belong their grease, baby wipes, razors, etc. If your drains have become clogged, calling out the plumbing services is necessary just in case it turns into an even bigger problem.

Go Green:

We know that you care about the environment, and limiting our water use is something that mother nature will thank you for. If you are considering a kitchen, bath, or laundry remodel this year. We encourage you to choose water-efficient faucets and showerheads. Another thing you may want to consider is placing a point-of-use water heater in the areas where you consistently run the taps to heat water to minimize wasted running water. Outside you may install a drip-irrigation system instead of a new sprinkler.

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By taking these simple steps, you can ensure that your home is better protected and ready to take on anything that it may face coming in the new year. Start the new year right and build habits that will ensure that your home is running to its best performance. As always, you can count on us if you need help with any of these steps or want personal advice from one of our trusted home service specialists.

We would like to wish you a happy new year from our family at Pann Home Services and Remodeling.