6 Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Here’s a fun fact for you:  on average, indoor air is about 50% more polluted than outdoor air.  Maybe not so fun after all, especially if you have frequent symptoms of colds and allergies inside your own home. 

The good news is, you don’t have just sit around and take it. There are numerous things you can do to help clean up your air, and here are just a few of them.

  1. Clean and vacuum your home at least once a week to remove dust, dirt, bacteria, pesticides, and anything else that can be brought into your home on shoe bottoms or through the air.
  2. Rely on Mother Nature by purchasing indoor plants known for their air-cleaning properties. These include spider plants, aloe vera, Boston ferns, pothos, and numerous others.
  3. Get rid of all chemically based cleaning products and go green. There are more and more such products on the market to choose from, either at your local grocery store or via the internet.  There are also home cleaning solutions you can concoct from kitchen staples such as vinegar and baking soda.
  4. In season, change or clean your heating and AC filters once a month. Otherwise, the system’s fan is blowing dust and other grime through the ducts and right into your lungs.
  5. Remove your shoes when you step inside. That will prevent the pollutants that have gathered at the bottom of your shoes from getting past your entrance way.
  6. Encase your mattress and pillows to protect against dust mites.
  7. At Pann Home Services, we offer several whole-house air quality solutions include ultra-violet lamps and air filtrations systems.  Contact us today for more information or a free in-home air quality analysis and proposal.