A Zoned HVAC System Saves You Money

So, you finally decided to upgrade your old, energy-hogging heating system. Or maybe that decision was made for you when your furnace or boiler raised the white flag and left you shivering at night. Or you decided to install central air before the dog days of summer roll around. No matter the circumstances, any time is the right time to consider a zone climate control system for your home.

Here are four great reasons why you should.


Unlike a traditional system where one or two thermostats control the temperature for your entire home, a zoned system allows you to control the temperature in as few or as many areas as you like – even one room per zone. This eliminates thermostat battles when, for example, you want the bedroom a cool 65 degrees while your in-laws prefer theirs a cozy 72. And because you can focus on climate control where you need it, you’ll save a few bucks on your utility bills, too.

Energy Efficient

Keeping your home and family comfortable isn’t cheap. Whether staying nice and cool during summer or toasty warm in the dead of winter, it’s impossible to enjoy both comforts and cost savings simultaneously. Home comfort costs are so high because of how traditional systems operate- frequent cycling on and off. On the other hand, a zoned system runs continuously at variable speeds, saving you up to 40% on your heating and cooling costs.

Easy to Install and Unobtrusive

Whether a retrofit or an upgrade, a traditional forced air system installation can be time-consuming. However, installation of a zoned system takes as little as a day, depending on the project’s scope. Moreover, because slim refrigerant lines connect the components, the process requires no changes to your home. Need more convincing? Zoned climate control systems are compact and whisper-quiet.

A Match Made in Heaven

We often consider heating and cooling separate and distinct functions – a furnace heats a home while an air conditioner cools it. But with a zoned system, you can have complete home comfort from one unit. During winter, keep each room as warm as you like. Then, come summer, zoned systems take the heat from inside your home and move it out. So, no matter what the outdoors feels like, you can enjoy perfect indoor conditions all year.

Here’s more good news. You don’t need an all-in-one heating and cooling system to enjoy the benefits of zoned comfort. Instead, Pann Home Services can add one or more zones to your existing central air and forced air heating systems, where you’ll still enjoy all the benefits whole-house zoning can provide. Contact us today for more information and a free new system quote.

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