Don’t Skip Out On AC Preventive Maintenance


Your AC Deserves Some Care And Attention

Your central AC system doesn’t ask for much. As long as you’re keeping its filter clean and giving it the yearly maintenance it needs, it’s probably as happy as an air conditioner can be.

I mean, you are keeping up with its maintenance, right?

It can be easy to overlook the needs of our AC system. After all, we only use it for a few months a year and then give it a well-earned rest. At that pace, it should be decades before it needs maintenance! However, the truth is that your air conditioner needs regular check-ups to stay in working condition because of how hard we push them. Sure, it might only see use 4-6 months out of the year, but these few months can be harrowing for your system.

Your AC Works Hard

Your AC often spends these few months working at capacity to keep your household safe from the heat. Unfortunately, at the end of this tour of duty, air conditioners are often at the end of their ropes with clogged vents and dirty filters. Wait until next year to inspect your unit, and you’ll find your air conditioner breaking down in the middle of a heatwave. It’s practically guaranteed.

The very least we can all do to thank our air conditioners for their service is to have a professional technician inspect and clean them. This way, they’ll be prepared for another season of war against the elements.

Why Maintain Your System?

Aside from the obvious benefit of having an air conditioner that doesn’t die when you need it most, there are several reasons to maintain your system. These may include:

  • – Smooth, quiet operation
  • – Fewer and less costly repairs
  • – Longer equipment life
  • – Reduced energy costs
  • – Even distribution of cool temperatures
  • – Enhanced home & family safety

Aside from improving your quality of life, a well-maintained air conditioner tends to save you money on energy and repair costs. Generally, these savings more than cover the cost of professional maintenance over the course of a season, and especially over the course of the appliance’s lifetime.

The “Cleaner Air” Factor

While we still face the challenges of COVID-19, maintaining a clean, healthy, and germ-free environment is even more essential than ever. At Pann Home Services, we have several ways of helping you achieve that goal. During preventive maintenance, for example, we’ll check your filter, clean it as needed, or replace it with your approval.

Filters Are The Key To Clean Air

Filters trap dust, dirt, and other contaminants before they enter your living spaces. That is why keeping them clean and regularly replacing them is critical to preserving your air quality. We recommend changing your filter every 6-8 weeks to ensure clean air. Of course, this number differs based on several factors, such as the filters you use and how often you use your system. A technician can help you determine your system’s needs and what filters suit it best during professional maintenance.

Breathe Easy With Help From Pann

Would you like to breathe even cleaner air? Well, AC maintenance is the easiest way to get you there. Contact Pann Home Services to schedule your annual AC system tune-up today! There’s so much to gain at a very affordable price.

If you need professional AC maintenance outside of Massachusetts, we recommend the Colorado HVAC experts, Lion Home Service. For years, they’ve specialized in Fort Collins AC repair and other HVAC services, and we’re sure they can help you with your AC.