Bathroom Remodeling Trends Worth Rethinking

“Hey honey, I have a great idea for our bathroom renovation. Let’s add wall-to-wall carpeting!”

Probably not something you’d say – let alone ever consider – but there was a time when homeowners did in fact cover their bathroom floors with carpet. Luckily, not all home design trends are meant to last forever. Here are a few more current trends bound to make that same list, i.e., it’s highly likely they won’t last even close to forever.

Patterned Floor Tiles

Patterned floor tiles are all the rage right now but aren’t meant for the long haul. For one thing, tiles aren’t quick and easy to swap out – and if you do so anyway, the replacement tiles are likely to call undue attention to themselves. If you want to take the plunge, visit a website like to learn more. A less permanent and expensive option is to add patterns with a shower curtain, bathmat, or a feature wall.

Wall Mounted Faucets

Paired with a counter-mounted sink bowl, a wall-mounted faucet can add an interesting and stylish element to a bathroom. But all those hidden plumbing pipes become a lot more difficult – and expensive – to access should a plumbing leak arise. What’s more, leaks are harder to spot quickly if pipes are behind sheetrock, which increases the amount of damage that can occur.

Zero-Threshold Showers

For some households, a zero-threshold shower greatly improves convenience and safety for household members with accessibility issues. But if not designed and installed correctly with the proper slope and drainage, a zero-threshold shower can cause water to spill out onto the bathroom floor which can make for slippery and dangerous conditions.

Showers Only

If you’re considering getting rid of the only tub in your home, think twice. While you might appreciate a large, luxurious shower complete with multiple shower heads and a bench, a tub-less home can dissuade potential buyers when it comes time to sell.

Doorless Showers

A shower without doors can be aesthetically pleasing and is certainly easier to clean. But remember that shower doors do more than keep water off the floor; they keep warmth and humidity in and keep drafts out. You may find yourself yearning for a door or shower curtain as you lather up!

Wood Treatments

Exposed wood beams, shiplap, and wood on the ceiling can add a cozy, rustic, or modern farmhouse style to a room. But as we all know, wood and water don’t mix. The heat, humidity, and water in a bathroom can cause wood to warp, split, and invite mold growth.

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