Your Best Home Water Filter Options

If you’re concerned about the quality of your home water supply, why take chances?? Especially if your suspicions prove to be correct.

Here, for example, are three common water quality problems throughout the Boston area:

Hard water – Identified by mineral deposits on dishes and glassware, whites that turn dull in the wash, and soap scum in your tub or shower stall. Hard water also can corrode your water pipes, eventually causing them to crack and leak.

  • Foul odors & tastes – This is usually caused by high chlorine content; ingesting too much chlorine can lead to serious health problems.
  • Iron & Manganese build-up – You’ll notice metallic-tasting or red water, and red or rust-colored stains on plumbing fixtures.

If you have well water, you’re susceptible to an even greater range of water contaminants, including industrial waste, pesticides, radon, and more.

It’s enough to make a person sick. The problem is, it often does.

We Have the Right Solution for Every Home & Budget.?

We install only high-quality water filters, including Aquasana brand products, one of the best names in the business. Today’s more popular choices include:

  • Point-of-use (under-sink) water filters that provide all the clean water you need for cooking, drinking, and other purposes. The tank is installed under your sink and connects to a dedicated counter-top faucet.
  • Whole-house water filters provide cleaner and healthier water everywhere in your home, including the washing machine, dishwasher, faucets, shower, and all the rest. This is the solution for people who want clean water…period.

To learn more, contact Pann Home Services to arrange an in-home water test and a custom proposal on how best to fulfill your water quality needs.

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