Enhance Your New Kitchen With Toe Kick Heaters

If every room of your home feels perfectly comfortable no matter the season, consider yourself lucky. Perhaps your home is newer or contains separate heating, and cooling zones sized perfectly and maintained faithfully. Yet, not all homes – or the people in them – have it so good. Take yours, for example. Are you experiencing cold spots in certain rooms and a surplus of heat elsewhere?

Sometimes even a new heating system doesn’t solve the problem (though it would if we installed it!).

But then you have the option of an added dose of heat, perhaps in an area not covered by your heating system. They’re called toe-kick heaters.

What are toe kick heaters?

As the name implies, toe kick or kick-space heaters are space-saving heaters typically installed along the bottom edge of kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities. They can also be installed inside walls or floors to provide supplemental heat to non-cabinet-bearing rooms of the house.

There are two types of toe kick heaters. Both draw in cool air and gradually raise their temperature to a pre-set level before delivering warm air to the space. An electric unit heats coils through electricity. A hydronic unit heats coils by pumping in water from the boiler or water heater.

What are the benefits of toe kick heaters?

  • Easy installation in challenging spaces.
  • They are inconspicuous, remaining largely out of sight while providing supplemental heat.
  • They deliver cost-effective heating without the need to rework your HVAC system or run portable space heaters.
  • Because they don’t need to operate in lockstep with the primary HVAC system, toe kick heaters give homeowners precision temperature control everywhere they are in place.

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