Fall Plumbing Tips to Help Protect Your Home

If you’re feeling a bit melancholy, it often happens during the Fall season. While you may be relieved of hot and humid conditions, winter is straight ahead – and it’s hard to ignore.

Then again, so is the fun of Halloween, Thanksgiving feasts, kids home from college, fall harvest fairs, and so much more. Do you you know what else Fall is food for? Preparing your home and plumbing for what lies ahead helps prevent home damage and potentially expensive repairs.


Observe these few tips to prepare your home for winter, and you’ll most certainly enjoy added peace of mind.

Insulate Exposed Plumbing Pipes

To prevent the kind of watery mess that stems from a frozen and cracked water pipe, insulate pipes in unheated areas, such as your attic, garage, or crawl space. If necessary, provide some heat to that area, as well.

Gutters and Downspouts

You could be in for a rude awakening if you have insufficient or worn attic insulation. It starts with snow or ice on your roof melting and sliding down into your gutters. If your channels are loaded with leaves and other debris, that water won’t be able to drain correctly. When it’s cold enough, that water can freeze and cause your gutters to collapse. Worse yet, ice can tear into your eaves and roof. What does poor attic insulation have to do with any of this? It allows heat to rise right through your roof, thus melting snow and ice while preventing easy access into your living spaces. So, two bits of advice to help prevent damage to your home: have your attic insulation inspected by a qualified professional, and make sure your gutters and downspouts are cleared out before the snow falls.

Garden Hoses

It’s one thing to disconnect your garden hoses, but to keep them from harm, store them where it’s warm enough to prevent freezing. At the same time, shut off the water to your outside faucets to prevent cracks and leaks.

Learn Where Your Main Water Valve is Located

Let’s say you’re unlucky enough to come home and find a water pipe spewing like a playground sprinkler. Before you do anything else, shut off your main water valve. Not sure where it’s located? Take the time to find out so you’re prepared should an emergency present itself.

Repair Leaky Faucets

Check all kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room faucets. A hidden leak can cause freezing, burst pipes, and indoor flooding. To locate a leak, turn off all fixtures and faucets. Next, watch for leaks and listen for the sound of running water.

Here’s another excellent way to prepare your plumbing for winter:

Contact Pann Home Services to ask for a whole-house plumbing inspection

. We’ll check to see if your plumbing is in top working condition and point out areas, if any, where problems can occur. Our plumbing inspection also includes checking for carbon monoxide and gas leaks for the health and safety of your family. Enjoy the season but enjoy it a little more with help from Pann Home Services.