Home Theater Lighting Options

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Several different lighting options are available to create the perfect ambiance while setting up your home theater system. While selecting your lighting system for your home theater, one must consider the total area allotted for setting up the home theater. A wide range of lights is available, from Hollywood disco lights to lights whose brightness can be remote controlled. These lights can be expensive but create the perfect mood. Also, all lighting work must be handled by a qualified remodeling company or electrician.

Wall Sconces and Pinpoint Lights Create a Stary Night Aesthetic

There are wall sconces available of varying shapes and sizes. These also come in one bulb or multiple bulb options. They can be customized well with movie-themed images such as popcorn or a movie projector. You can also go in for a galaxy dome for your ceiling to create the starry night effect. There is a cheaper option available for this, too, it’s a fiber optic star kit. This kit consists of about 120 LED to create the perfect starry night look. It has an easy installation procedure also.

Also, you can consider installing star tiles. These are unique tiles and can create a better night sky effect. These tiles have lights with LED illuminators inside and the stationary LED lights to create a much better and non-distracting night sky effect to set the perfect mood.

Also, your wall sconce can be used to create the effect to magnify a Hollywood scene you may have put on your walls. A lot depends on the type of sconce you choose. They come in various shapes and sizes. Most commonly available sconces come in square, circular, cone and half-moon. Also popular are teardrop-shaped sconces and angled sconces. The price range for wall sconces is anything between $150 to $300. Ceramic sconces are also available, which can be painted to match the color of your walls.

The dome lighting used for the ceiling also comes in combination with your wall sconce. These ceiling lights are manufactured of white bisque and can be customized with paint.

Add Some Personal Flair to Your Home Theater

You can also add some personal touch to your lighting like having projector lamps in the shape of film camera etc.

With all that said, it is imperative to take note of your budget and the look and feel you want to go for. With the right selection, a dull room can be converted into a great home theater.