How to Add Moisture to Dry Air

Have you ever thought about spreading sand all over your living room?  Probably not. But that doesn’t mean your home doesn’t sometimes feel as dry as a desert during the winter.

That’s what heat does when all the windows and doors are shut. It robs your home of the relative humidity to feel comfortable in your own skin. But that doesn’t mean you’re forced to just sit there and take it.

With a little help from Pann Home Services, you can now add just enough moisture to keep you warm and comfortable all winter long while saving money on your heating costs.  The means?  A whole-house humidifier.  Here’s more about the benefits it provides:

  • You’ll just feel better. The drier the air, the more likely you are to experience dry and flaky skin, bloody noses, static electrical shock, not to mention bigger problems with your allergies or asthma.  With added moisture in the air, you can set those concerns aside.
  • Lowers your utility costs. Just as you feel hotter in the summer when the humidity is high, you’ll feel just right at lower thermostat settings with added moisture in the air. It’s the lower temperatures that bring down your heating costs.
  • Protects wooden doors, furniture, and more. Dry air deprives wooden objects of the moisture they need to prevent warping and cracking. We’re talking about musical instruments, floors, doors, furniture, and more.
  • You have total control. Still not as comfortable as you’d like to be?  No problem.  You can raise or lower the relative humidity with a whole-house humidifier.

The moral of this story?  Keeping warm doesn’t mean having to suffer a dry indoor climate and all the problems it can cause.  For the added comfort we know you’ll appreciate and come to expect, contact Pann Home Services today for a free indoor air quality analysis and new system proposal.