How to Heat & Cool Your Garage

Most garages are an appendix, though more valuable than the one you were born with. Others are detached, but still, contain valuable space you can use for any number of reasons. They can be attractive and decorative, they don’t have to look ropey. There are lots of different and modernized garage doors to install, as well as interior design ideas to add to the garage as well, obviously depending on what its purpose is.

Cars, shovels, lawn mowers, gasoline cans, rock salt, snow tires – all standard fare. But what if your garage serves more advanced purposes, like housing an antique car or other climate-sensitive items? Or a workshop you’d prefer not to abandon come fall – in fact, it’s during the fall and winter when you derive the greatest satisfaction from working with your hands in your spare time.

Well, whatever role your garage serves in your life, and no matter what its size, you might do well to consider equipping it with a ductless air system – one that provides both heating and cooling for year-round climate control.

Here’s why that can prove to be advantageous.

  • Items like paint, power tools, and glue-based substances don’t handle heat all that well. Keeping a cool garage will help all such items last longer.
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can evaporate much faster and result in a greater health risk when summer temperatures arrive.
  • When your car is exposed to high temperatures for longer periods of time, the rusting process can accelerate and thus cause damage to cars and other metal possessions.

Why Ductless and Not Just an Extension of Your Home Heating & Cooling System?

That’s an easy one. If your home comfort systems were properly sized, there’s no way they could handle the extra load of even a one-car garage. And then there’s that little matter of connecting air ducts from home to garage – and you have both giant mess and expense on your hands…not to mention the cost of a larger heating and cooling system.

A ductless air system for your garage, by comparison, represents a fraction of the cost and will heat and cool that space to perfection. One outdoor condensing unit can support up to five wall units that deliver conditioned air quietly and efficiently.

Practically speaking, spending hours working on a project that requires attention to detail and the use of personal safety equipment can get uncomfortable in an unheated and non-air conditioned workshop. When you install a mini split ductless system, the time will fly by as you work on your projects in a climate controlled environment. You may even notice that you have a higher level of productivity as you are able to work with a greater level of comfort in your garage workshop.

To learn more about how a ductless air system can help turn your garage into something for more valuable than a storage unit, contact Pann Home Services today for a free system proposal.