How to Humidify Your Home

Come winter,kindly disregard any commercials you hear or see advising you to take the moisture out of your indoor air.  That is exactly the wrong way to enhance indoor comfort and reduce home energy bills.

The warm air generated by your furnace already deprives the air of moisture.  To lose any more would be to create a desert-like atmosphere, thus aggravating any existing problems brought about by dry air.

These are the most common indications of too little humidity:

  • Dry itchy skin
  • Frizzy, un-manageable hair
  • Bloody noses
  • Static electricity so bad, it can send shivers up your spine – literally
  • Wooden floors, doors, furniture, etc., that dry up, shrink, and crack
  • Worsening problems with upper respiratory ailments like asthma, bronchitis, and allergies

Sound familiar?  Then here are a few effective remedies: 

  • Hang clothes up to dry indoors
  • Buy some house plants, or add to your collection and place them in strategic locations throughout your house
  • Place bowls of water near steam radiators, baseboard heating units, and floor vents – the water will heat up, steadily evaporate, and help moisturize the air
  • Leave the exhaust fan off while you shower, and leave the bathroom door open afterwards to allow the steam to work its way into other rooms

Yes, each of the above steps involves some time and effort, and none will solve your dryair problems single-handedly.  So, if you’re seeking a more comprehensive solution, come talk to Pann Home Services about a whole-house humidifier.  We’ll install it to work in conjunction with your furnace. Together, they’re keep you warm, comfortable, and prevent problems associated with dry air.  You’ll also see a noticeable reduction in home heating costs.

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