How to Improve AC System Efficiency

Here in Massachusetts, we hanker for warmer weather all winter long. When it finally arrives, we want it cool again, at least indoors.

Which begs the question: can you count on your AC system to deliver all the comfort you want? Sure, provided you take good care of it and do your part to help prevent problems.

Here’s a brief guide to effective AC maintenance:

  1. Attic ventilation. With the right amount of ventilation, your AC system can operate up to 10% more efficiently.
  2. Using the correct filter. Your filter is vital to effective airflow. If it’s clogged or dirty, your system works harder to keep you cool, and that drives up energy costs while adding to system wear and tear, which is why you must regularly check and replace your ac filter. And yet not every filter is right for your system. A filter that’s too thick, just as one example, also can restrict airflow.
  3. Preventing a frozen coil. If your AC fan is running non-stop but not delivering cool air, the problem could be a frozen coil inside your air handler. If severe enough, the air handler may have to be replaced. Cleaning or replacing your filter one a month will help prevent that problem.
  4. Leaky air ducts. Cracks or leaks in your ductwork allow cool air to areas where it does you no good. Have your ductwork inspected to ensure its properly sealed for more effective AC system operation.
  5. Outside condensing unit. An AC system provides cool air by transferring warm air from outdoors. To enable a smooth transfer, keep grass, shrubs, and other obstacles away from the outside unit.

Another great way to keep your AC system in top working order is with annual preventive maintenance. Here at Pann Home Services, we perform comprehensive “clean and check” designed to improve efficiency, minimize repairs, and minimize your utility costs. If it’s been a year or longer since your AS system was last maintained, contact us today to schedule service.