How to Prevent Home Furnace Problems

Is there ever a good time to lose heart?  Of course not.  Still, some are better than others.  If your furnace shuts down on a crisp, cool autumn day, you’re probably not going to panic and immediately head for the nearest hotel.  But on a sub-freezing night in the dead of winter?  Ouch!

To avoid that kind of unpleasantness, we urge you to have your furnace or boiler properly inspected once a year.  The best time is the fall, but better in January or February than not at all.

Here’s how annual preventive maintenance can help you:   

  1. Saves energy and money. Heating systems don’t last forever. Older models have a shelf life of 12-15 years, while today’s higher efficiency systems can last up to 20 years. And yet even new systems should be checked once a year to ensure maximum efficiency and energy savings.
  2. Avoids unnecessary repairs. With an annual dose of preventive maintenance, small adjustments can be made to prevent repair problems from arising later on. That’s another way to save money.
  3. Added safety. If you have a gas furnace or boiler, you and your family are at risk of carbon monoxide leaks and accidental poisoning. As such, we thoroughly inspect your heat exchanger for any indication of a CO leak. We also inspect the flue to ensure combustion gasses are venting properly.
  4. Longer equipment life. A regularly and well-maintained system will run better and last longer than one less well-cared for.

Why take chances with your home heating system and your family’s indoor comfort? Instead, contact Pann Home Services today to schedule preventive maintenance.  Along with all the other benefits, you’ll enjoy the added peace of mind.