How to Prevent Wet Basements

Winter can be rough in the Boston area, just as it has been over the past several years.

But that’s not the only precipitation we get. It’s abundant in spring, who knows about the summer, and on it goes.

What’s the point? Well, if your house or neighborhood is prone to basement flooding and you’ve not gotten basement waterproofers baltimore to prevent your basement from flooding, too much precipitation is not your friend.

How Water Gets into Your Basement.

Water gets into a basement from three different sources:

  1. Condensation
  2. Runoff
  3. Subsurface

Condensation is directly related to the amount of moisture that exists in the basement air. The air cannot hold this excessive moisture and condensation occurs showing up as water droplets, puddles or wet spots.

  1. Make sure clothes dryers and basement bathrooms vent moist air to the outside.
  2. Insulate cold water pipes and well tanks.
  3. Install a dehumidifier like the meaco dd8l.

Runoff water problems are mostly caused by external rain and melting snow entering the basement. MOST of the basement water problems fall into this category. The goal to prevent this type of water entry is to direct the rain and melting snow AWAY from the home

  1. Here are a few suggestions:Make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear of debris and working properly…and that includes underground drainage pipes.
    Make sure the ground outside slopes away from your home (this includes the driveway and sidewalks).
    Install plastic hood covers around below grade windows with wells.
    Seal any cracks inside and outside of the basement.
  2. A very small percentage of basement water problems are caused by subsurface water entry, usually caused by a high water table. If your basement is constantly wet long after a storm, you probably have a subsurface water problem.

When Water Gets in, Pann Can Help Get it Out…Fast.

Your first line of defense against wet and water-damaged basements is a professionally installed sump pump.

Sometimes they drain the water into your home’s drainage pipe system, other times they pump the water outside. And yet no matter how effective yours might be, it runs on electricity. So, should your power go off, your sump pump will follow suit.

To protect against that possibility, we recommend installing a back-up sump pump, one that will turn on automatically should your main pump shut off for any reason.

Contact Pann Home Services today so we can help determine how best to shore up your defenses against basement water intrusion. It’s all about helping you protect your home and belongings.

How to Prevent Wet Basements, Boston & Somerville – Why take chances when a combination sump pump & back-up sump pump can help keep your basement dry.