How to Stop a Water Leak Fast

Imagine having a home security guard who’s on the scene 24/7, draws no salary, never goes to sleep, eats nothing, doesn’t play video games, and doesn’t make a mess of your bathrooms. Too good to be true?

Not at all – when you purchase a water shut-off valve from Pann Home Services. Think of it as a home security guard that’s on the job 24/7 to ensure you never come home to a flooded basement or water-caused structural damage. To say nothing of damage or destruction to personal items that simply can’t be replaced.

The Need for Water Damage Protection

Water damage can occur anywhere in your home, at any time of day or year. In fact, according to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage most often results from burst pipes and broken appliances.

Now consider all the places where you can access water in your home—the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, water heater closet, wet bar, etc. Connecting your water supply to each of those areas is a maze of pipes under your floors and behind finished walls. Wherever there’s water, there’s also the potential for water damage.

According to Home Advisor, the average homeowner spends between $1,127 and $4,561 to repair water damage – that’s an average expense of $2,760 per incident. Which is why it’s super important to install a water shut-off system.

How Water Shut-off Valves Work?

Automatic shut off valves contain alarms and are integrated into your home’s water system. When a leak detection sensor is triggered, the alarm sounds, and the valve shuts off your home’s water supply.

While water shut-off valves are available for individual appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters, those don’t do much good when water comes crashing through a wall or window in your basement, for example.

That’s why, and for ultimate protection, we recommend a whole-house system – electrically or battery-operated – that includes “line of sight” wireless sensors. That means if, for example, a water leak is detected on your kitchen floor, the nearest sensor will relay that message from one to the next until your water main is shut off…a process that takes mere seconds.

So, to protect your home from wasted water and all the damage it can cause, contact Pann Home Services today for a free onsite evaluation and new system proposal.