How to Increase Your Home’s Value

If you’re thinking about doing some remodeling this year, you might be wondering which projects will give you the greatest pleasure along with those that are sure to increase your home’s resale value.

Here are a few home improvement projects sure to help you achieve both key goals:

Siding – One of the best ways to dramatically change curb appeal is with new siding. There are a number of options you have when it comes to siding and it may be worth having a look at the fiber cement siding cost if you’re interested in this material. Available in countless colors and styles – including masonry veneer that mimics the look of brick or stone – new siding will make the exterior of your home virtually maintenance free while offering about a 90 percent return on investment.

Windows – Old, drafty windows not only make your house look dated, but can contribute to higher heating and cooling costs. Expect to see about a 70 percent return on your investment with new energy-efficient windows.

Roof – If your roof is nearing the end of its useful lifespan, don’t wait too long before replacing it. While not an inexpensive upgrade, a new roof – which offers about a 70 percent return – can help prevent costly water damage while enticing potential buyers.

Garage Doors – Much like siding, garage doors help set the tone for your home. Dirty, warped, and dented garage doors can make an otherwise appealing exterior look shabby and run down. A mid-range model will instantly up curb appeal without costing a fortune. Expected return on investment: about 75 percent. To add to that investment and make that garage door stand out even more, perhaps look into CUSTOM CONCRETE to get your driveway or walkway renovated to spruce up your home.

Kitchen – A minor remodel which includes painting or refacing cabinets, updating hardware, and adding a new counter, backsplash, and sink typically offers about an 80 percent return, which is more than you can expect, percentage wise, from a complete remodel.

Bathroom – If the Pepto-colored tile, toilet, and tub haven’t made a comeback by now, chances are they won’t any time soon. To get the most bang for your buck, opt for mid-range fixtures. However, if luxury is what you crave, go ahead and splurge on that multiple head shower with lights and surround sound. Just don’t expect to retrieve those costs when it’s time to sell.

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