Is a High Efficiency AC System Worth It?

You gotta do it.

You’ve been talking about it for the past few years, but this time, you just gotta do it – replace your AC system, that is. It’s already being held together with bandages; utility costs have long since broken through the roof; and now, the AC repair guy is living in a guest bedroom.

Yes, it’s time to replace your AC system. But replace it with what?

The Case for a Higher-End System

Sure, you’ll pay less now if you replace your system on the lower end of the SEER rating scale…perhaps a 14 or 15 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). Compared to your older system, it will feel like nirvana.

But with a high-end system on the energy efficiency scale, you’ll reap a world of extra benefits. Here’s a “sampler plate” we’re sure will delight your senses.

Cost Savings

Older systems – like the one you need to replace – operate in the 8 to 10 SEER range. New units are available up to 25 SEER. When you consider that you will save 8% – 10% on energy costs for every added SEER point, you can see how extensive your savings can become. What’s more, a higher efficiency system will pay for itself over the course of its equipment life. It just doesn’t get any more affordable than that.

Fewer Repairs

The advanced features included with a higher-efficiency air conditioner enable it to operate as effortlessly as a brand new, well-made car. Why is that important? Because less stress means you won’t need to contact an Air Conditioning Repair company as much, fewer interruptions of service, and lower repair costs.

Longer Operating Life

Not that many years ago, AC systems had a “shelf life” of 10 -12 years. With proper and regular maintenance, today’s newer models can easily give you 15 years or more of active duty. When you get up into the higher SEER ratings,

25 years of efficient cooling is not uncommon


Lower Humidity

High efficiency systems are

tops at removing excess humidity

from the air. This is accomplished by condensing water vapor to liquid form and draining the condensate outdoors or into your home’s drainage system.

Did We Mention Product Savings?

At Pann Home Services, we frequently offer significant discounts on new AC systems. Check with us to see if those discounts are currently in place. What’s more, you can receive a Mass Save rebate up to $1,250 per ton (of AC system) – all that just for doing your part to contribute to energy conservation and a cleaner environment. Contact us today for all the details and a free in-home comfort consultation and new system proposal.