Is Annual Boiler Maintenance Necessary?

Certainly, you have noticed it by now: the chill in the morning air, the gently falling leaves, and the noticeably shorter daylight hours all signal that autumn is well underway. And that means it’s time to make sure your home heating system is ready for the colder months to come.

If you rely on a boiler to provide heat and comfort throughout the winter, it should be serviced once a year by a professional to ensure safe and efficient operation. As premier providers of boiler service in the Boston, North Shore, South Shore, and Metro areas, we know first-hand how cold and uncomfortable it can get if you have a malfunctioning boiler.

With that in mind, let’s look at six reasons to include boiler maintenance in your list of winter prep to do’s.

 1. Ensure Greater Efficiency

Our winters can put a lot of stress on boilers, causing parts and components to wear out overtime. Annual maintenance helps ensure all moving pieces are operating a peak efficiency, so the boiler doesn’t have to work as hard to produce the same amount of heat.

 2. Keep Heating Costs Down

The more efficient a boiler, the less it costs to operate. Having your boiler serviced is a great way to cut down on heating costs and keep them manageable. In fact, a well-maintained boiler can save you upwards of 10% on energy bills. Not only that, but regular maintenance can also minimize the costs of future repairs by catching small issues before they turn into larger, costly issues.

 3. Decrease the Risk of Equipment Failure

To piggy-back onto the above, having a professional check your boiler once a year means they can catch any parts that are starting to get worn out and replace them before they cause system failure. Annual maintenance provides peace of mind knowing that you and your family will be warm on even the coldest days of the year.

 4. Extend the Life of the Unit

A new boiler can be a significant investment, so you want it to last as long as possible. Regular maintenance extends the life of your system, enabling you to get more money out of your purchase.

 5. Keep the Manufacturer’s Warranty Valid

Not having your boiler serviced regularly by a professional may void the manufacturer’s warranty. In other words, if your boiler fails and you need to cash in on the warranty, without proper maintenance you may not get the solution you were hoping for. And because warranties eventually expire, by having your boiler serviced, you’ll be able to catch issues before the warranty expires, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

 6. Keeps You and Your Loved Ones Safe

The primary benefit of regular boiler maintenance is safety. Boilers are designed to release carbon monoxide in the exhaust as part of normal operations. Regular service ensures that your boiler is functioning properly and that exhaust pipes aren’t damaged or worn down and leaking deadly carbon monoxide.

As you can see, boiler maintenance is an important service. Not only can it save you on heating costs and add years to the life of your system, but it also helps keep your loved ones safe. With annual boiler maintenance performed by the experts at Pann Home Services & Remodeling, you can relax and enjoy a cozy, warm home this winter.