Kitchen Design for Aging in Place

People decide to remodel their kitchens for various reasons. Some want to bring their kitchen out of the 70s and into the “now”. Others want better flow and functionality.

A growing number of homeowners are choosing to remodel their kitchen with future needs in mind. Are you among them, either for yourself or aging parents? If so, here are some kitchen design tips we’re confident you’ll find helpful.

Round Edges – Rounding the corners of your countertops or open shelves reduces the likelihood of bumps and bruises as you move about the kitchen.

Shallow Sink – While a large, deep sink makes washing pots and pans easier, it can also put a strain on your back. Choose one that’s about 6 to 8 inches deep to limit bending over.

Sink to Stove Distance – Even a spring chicken knows how awkward it can be to carry a large pot of water from the sink to the stove. As we age, that task becomes even more challenging. Try to position the sink on the same wall side as the stove, with some work space in between. Better yet, have a pot filler installed over your stove.

Pull-out Pantry – No more shuffling items around to get what you need. A pantry with pull-out drawers puts your cereal boxes, canned goods, and even small portable appliances within easy reach.

Microwave Placement – To minimize reaching, bending, and burns, place your microwave at counter height. If you can’t sacrifice the counter space, your next best option is to install it just under the counter.

Drawers Over Doors – Whether you’re storing canned goods, dishes, or pots and pans, drawers allow you to see everything at once without having to get on your knees and search laboriously.

Corner Cabinets – Your grandma’s generation was onto something with the Lazy Susan. Make the most of your cabinet space with corner cabinet organizers, sliding shelves, and other kitchen storage options.

Flooring – Choose floor tiles with enough texture and grout to provide some traction. Vinyl flooring, for example, offers good slip resistance and is easy to maintain.

Clearance Space – Make sure your kitchen design allows plenty of room to maneuver between cabinets, appliances, and walls with a walker or wheelchair.

At Pann Home Services, we offer “soup to nuts” kitchen design for every home and every budget, including “aging in place” kitchens.  For more information and a free in-home consultation and proposal, contact us today.