Multiple Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

Wintry weather months provide the perfect excuse to curl up before a crackling fire with a good book and a warm blanket as you wait for more extended and milder days. Yet after a while, all this time spent indoors can feel more like a punishment than a reprieve. But fear not – with a bit of time and elbow grease, you can make your home feel like a lighter and brighter place to hunker down – and get a head start on your spring cleaning. Here’s how.

Clean the Windows

You don’t have to wait until the official start of spring to get a jump on spring cleaning. Clean windows allow more sunlight to filter in, making your home feel brighter and warmer – the latter also takes a load off your heating system. For best results, clean the inside windows once a month with a 50-50 mixture of white vinegar and water and the outside 1 to 2 times a year to keep them sparkling no matter the season.

Remove and Repair Window Screens

Before it’s warm enough to crack the windows open, remove the screens to allow up to 30 percent more sunlight to flood your home. While you have them out, inspect the screens for signs of damage and repair or replace them as necessary.

Pull Back Window Coverings

This task takes seconds, is free, and pays off instantly. While great for insulation and warmth, heavy draperies block light and make a room feel dark and small. Pull them to the side, or swap them out for softer, light-filtering sheers, roman shades, or a simple valance.

Change The Lightbulbs

Are you still using those old, energy-hogging incandescents? Then it’s time to swap their yellow light for brighter, energy-efficient LEDs. While you may pay a little more upfront per bulb, you’ll save much more on your electricity bill over time while enjoying more natural light.

Hang String Lights

Are you missing the warm, soft glow of holiday lights? Hang a few string lights across the mantle, window, or through a potted plant for instant ambiance. Once you can enjoy your outdoor space again, do the same around the deck or patio.

Reconsider Colors

Dark walls, décor, and heavy furnishings make a space feel small. So, brighten things up by giving the walls a crisp, pale coat of paint, layer in creamy white accent pillows and throws, and lay down an inexpensive, soft-hued area rug. These slight changes can significantly impact any room in the home.

Bounce Light With Mirrors

Hang a mirror opposite a window to bounce light around the room or add the feeling of a window without one. To avoid feeling like you’re in a dressing room, choose a large convex mirror – it will amplify light better than a flat one.

Bring The Outdoors In

Indoor plants make a home feel more alive and brighter, and certain varieties also make the air cleaner by filtering out everyday pollutants. Choose those you can realistically care for – a withered, dried potted plant won’t make your living room feel airy and inviting.

As you’ve seen, your windows play a pivotal role in your ability to let the sunshine in and provide added warmth during the colder months. And yet, if yours are old, shabby, and porous, your efforts could prove counter-productive. This is why now might be the perfect time for window replacement, expertly performed by the home remodeling team at Pann Home Services. We have multiple styles and brands available. We can install exactly what you want while offering up-to-date advice on receiving the most significant amount of beauty, air tightness, and long-lasting performance. Contact us today for a free consultation and new window proposal.