How to Prevent Heat Loss

No matter how efficient your heating system is, you don’t want it heating the entire neighborhood. Yet, homes in Boston seem bent on doing just this when they allow their heated air to escape through gaps in their insulation. Whether they leave a door ajar or window gaps unfilled, Boston homeowners can’t seem to stop themselves from warming the air around their homes.

To help prevent heat loss while bringing down your home heating costs, we recommend the following preventive measures:

Attic Insulation

Heat rises, so naturally, a great deal rests in your attic. However, if the insulation in this part of your home is not thorough and well laid out, the heat can escape through your roof!

If you haven’t had a professional inspection of your attic’s insulation lately, you’re losing heat through the gaps between your insulation. Until you fix this issue, you’ll not only find that your home refuses to maintain its temperature but that your utility bill keeps rising. The more heat lost, the higher the energy bills and the colder the house will become.

No one wants that.

If you’re trying to keep your house warm, ensuring you have proper insulation is essential. Still, you’ll also want to keep your heater in working order. So get in touch with HVAC professionals today if you think your home is falling short of your heating needs.

Window and Door Insulation

When the outdoor temperature dips below freezing, you don’t need an expert to feel the drafts around your home.

What can a careful homeowner do? Replacing or beefing up window caulking or weather stripping around outside-facing doors can go a long way toward blocking heat loss. This extra security will help your home keep warm air inside and the cold out.

Wall Insulation

Estimates state that about 35% of heat loss occurs through your outside-facing walls. Therefore, you can enjoy added indoor comfort and significant energy savings by adding insulation inside those walls.

Fireplace, Switches & Outlets

Your fireplace opening provides a clear path for heat loss, especially if the flue is open or not tightly closed. Cover the space with airtight glass doors when your fireplace sits idle to prevent large-scale heat loss.

Warm air can also escape through switches and outlets. You can find specially designed insulation at your local hardware store or home center to prevent this heat loss.

Call Pann’s Home Service If You have Heating Issues

How’s your heating system performing? If it’s been a year or more since it’s been checked by a home heating professional, why not contact Pann Home Service today? For reliable performance with a guaranteed upfront price quote, trust Pann!